What’s On Offer? 秋季科目一覽

From a study of the Synoptic Gospels to Ecological Theology, here is a full list of all the subjects on offer at Ming Hua for the BTh and MTh programmes in the new semester starting on September 9.

Bachelor of Theology

Biblical Studies

Introduction to Biblical Languages (THL100)

For students who aspire to read the Bible in the language in which it was written, this subject offers an introduction to Biblical Hebrew and New Testament Greek. Students will learn the alphabets of both languages, as well as their basic grammatical features and elementary vocabulary. They will also look at some of the cultural dimensions of the biblical texts that are preserved in the ancient languages, and consider the impact these have on how the texts should be interpreted.

Lecturer: Revd Dr Bill Robertson (Greek) and Revd Dr Jim West (Hebrew)
Day & Time: Wednesday 7pm to 9.15pm

Introduction to New Testament Studies (THL106)

This interesting subject provides an overview of the various writings that make up the New Testament ranging from the four Gospels to the apocalyptic literature. Students will look at the historical context of the books of the New Testament, as well as their literary and theological features. They will also be introduced to the basic critical skills used in New Testament interpretation. We are pleased to offer this subject as an intensive.

Lecturer: Revd Dr Jim West
Day & Time: Monday October 28 to Friday November 1, 10am to 4pm

The Synoptic Gospels (THL208)

The three Synoptic Gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke, all tell the story of Jesus’ life but in their own distinct way. While they include many of the same stories, and at times use identical wording, they also contain notable differences. Students taking this subject will explore these differences in depth, looking at the historical, literary, cultural and religious contexts in which they were written. They will also assess these Gospels as a source for understanding Jesus and explore the puzzle of how they relate to each other.

Lecturer: Revd Dr Eric Lau
Day & Time: Tuesday, 7pm to 9.15pm

The Prophetic Literature (THL308)

The prophetic literature was written thousands of years ago, but it still resonates today. This subject explores the major theological and ethical themes of the prophetic literature of the Old Testament. Students will examine the writings’ historical, social, political and religious contexts, and look at how these contexts influence their interpretation. They will also explore what relevance these writings have for Christians today. Students will also have the opportunity to further develop their exegetical and interpretive skills when exploring the texts.

Lecturer: Revd Cannon Dr Eric Chong
Day & Time: Wednesday, 10am to 12.15pm

Systematic Theology

Ecological Theology (THL211)

With the world now facing an urgent and life-threatening environmental crisis, Ecological Theology is a timely, challenging and engaging look at the relationship between Christian faith and the environment. Key topics covered include how far Christianity has contributed to the ecological crisis that we now face and how ecological theology can make a positive and practical difference in addressing issues that threaten the very life of our planet itself. Students will not only engage theoretically with the issues surrounding the ecological crisis, but they will also consider the very practical implications of how we, as Christians, should live and treat our planet.

Lecturer: Dr Matthew Jones
Day & Time: Wednesday, 7pm to 9.15pm

Jesus the Christ (THL215)

There is one central question in the New Testament, and almost nothing else matters: “Who do you say that I am?” Christ asks Peter… and for 2000 years we have all been trying to answer. The teachings of Christianity try to express why and how the eternal God was (and is) present in Jesus of Nazareth, and they consider the key moments of the Gospel stories about Jesus as both historical events in the life of Christ and Christian witnesses and testimonies to what people believed about this God-Man. ‘Jesus the Christ’ brings us face-to-face with the central figure of this religion and compels us to ask the deepest questions about his life, his identity, and his presence in today’s world.

Lecturer: Dr Matthew Jones
Day & Time: Monday, 7pm to 9.15pm

Sacramental Theology (THL314)

Every Christian knows at least two sacraments: baptism and Eucharist. And some Christians will now five more: confirmation, reconciliation, anointing of the sick, marriage, and Holy orders. But does every Christian know that all theology is ‘sacramental’, or that ‘being sacramental’ should be central to their daily lives? Probably not, and the reason for that failure is that we have generally forgotten what it means to speak of the mysterious in the midst of this world; to understand the world itself, and our experiences in the world, as outward and visible signs of inward, invisible mysteries. This subject will bring these ideas back to life, examine their origins in early Christianity, Hellenistic and Roman beliefs, and show how the Church came to recognise seven sacraments with two of them Dominical (given by the Lord), and discuss why ‘being sacramental’ is important for every Christian.

Lecturer: Prof Gareth Jones
Day & Time: Thursday, 2pm to 4.15pm

The Triune God (THL316)

The trinity is one of the most complex, yet central, doctrines of the Christian faith. This subject explores the development of the Christian understanding of God as ‘three persons in one God’, looking at the biblical origins of the doctrine, as well as key historical and theological developments in the first five centuries following Jesus’ death. It will also explore how the doctrine has been rejuvenated in recent decades and the implications this has for theology, eccelesiology, worship and interfaith dialogue.

Lecturer: Dr Matthew Jones
Day & Time: Mondays, 2pm to 4.15pm

Church History

Religion in Chinese Culture (THL257)

Students studying this subject will be given a fascinating insight into religious life in China, looking at the interaction of religion with society and culture, in both historical and contemporary situations. The subject focuses on Daoism, Buddhism, Chinese folk religion and Confucianism, as well as looking at Christianity, Islam and various minority traditions in China.

Lecturer: Dr Rowena Chen
Day & Time: Mondays, 7pm to 9.15pm

History of Christianity in China (THL346)

This thought-provoking subject will take a scholarly look at the contextualisation of Christianity in China. It will explore historical and theological definitions of contextualisation, indigenisation and enculturation, and look at how these are reflected in Christian texts, music, art and literature in China. Students will also have the opportunity to look at three key 20th century figures who played an important role in Christianity in China, namely the theologian T. C. Chao, the activist Christian leader Y. T. Wu, and the church leader Bishop K. H. Ting.

Lecturer: Dr Rowena Chen
Day & Time: Wednesday, 2pm to 4.15pm

Practical Theology

Liturgical Theology (THL115)

The focus of this subject is the worship of God in the dynamic living context of the Church. The history and practice of worship is explored across a variety of Christian traditions, including contemporary and blended worship. There will be a particular focus on the effects of rites, symbols, words and music in worship and the importance of that worship itself to both Christian identity and questions of contemporary context.

Lecturer: Revd Dr Chun-wai Lam
Day & Time: Thursday 7pm to 9.15pm

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