What’s On Offer? 秋季科目一覽

Master of Theology

Advanced Biblical Exegesis (THL517)

Students taking this subject will have the opportunity to carry out detailed exegesis of a portion of the Bible, studying it in its original language at an advanced level. They will engage with contemporary critical views of biblical interpretation, and undertake a thorough exegetical and hermeneutical exploration of a specific biblical passage, including translating it. In addition, they will examine its literary and historical context, structure, and relevant critical approaches, as well as engaging with select hermeneutical questions raised by the passage in question.

Lecturer: Dr Stephen Lim
Day & Time: Wednesday, 7pm to 9.15pm

Public Theology (THL540)

Public theology is about what happens when theology is expressed in public life. This subject explores the way theology plays out in the public sphere and how it can be used to address contemporary public issues, such as the environment, poverty and relations between church and state. It looks at how the Bible and Anglican tradition can be used in relation to some of the problems society currently faces, as well as how the Church can recover its voice in an increasingly secular society and how Christianity can relate to other religious communities. 

Lecturer: Revd Prof Philip Wickeri
Day & Time: Monday, 2pm to 4.15pm

Theological Hermeneutics (THL514)

Theological Hermeneutics is arguably the central way in which we engage our world with the world of the Bible, and as such it is rich, diverse, complex, and fascinating. It is also nearly always misunderstood, misapplied, ignored, or unknown – causing much confusion and disagreement about what it is that Christians really believe and practise. This subject will do three things, therefore: first, it will end this confusion by a clear study of the history and character of the discipline; second, it will teach students how to practise theological hermeneutics for themselves; third, it will prepare students to use theological hermeneutics as the basis of their future research and scholarship.

Lecturer: Prof Gareth Jones
Day & Time: Tuesday, 2pm to 4.15pm

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香港聖公會明華神學院 香港聖公會在香港及澳門設立的神學院, 矢志推動普及神學教育。 The Theological College of HKSKH works for the training & education of all members of God’s Church in HK & Macau.

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