Theological Education Sunday 神學教育主日

Principal Gareth Jones talks about Ming Hua’s mission and achievements ahead of Theological Education Sunday.

Archbishop Paul has authorised Sunday 30th June 2019 to be Theological Education Sunday. On that day the collections in all the churches and cathedrals of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui will be committed to theological education at Ming Hua Theological College.

Our mission at Ming Hua is to serve the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui through equipping its members for church ministry. 

As well as training many postulants to be priests in the Church, we have also worked hard to promote theological education among the laity. 

Since 2013, the College has developed programmes for people at all levels, ranging from Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees, to Diplomas and Certificates. 

We are proud that 446 students have completed a programme of study at Ming Hua and more than 60 students are currently studying at the College. By next year we will have graduated more than 500 students, and we hope to serve many more members of the Anglican Church in Hong Kong. 

To enhance learning facilities at the College, we have worked hard to build the finest theological library in Hong Kong, as well as an impressive online learning platform.

Our programmes are independently validated by the Education Bureau, and we have also developed partnerships with universities and colleges in Australia, Ireland, Japan, the UK and the USA. In addition, Ming Hua has welcomed students from sister seminaries in Berkeley, Dublin, Westcott, Cuddesdon and Taipei.

Sustaining a high-quality learning environment at Ming Hua requires support. We are grateful for the on-going support we receive from the Province and the Dioceses, in terms of both money and resources. But the College still needs generous donations from congregations to fulfil its mission to provide theological education for lay people to equip them for church ministry.

Please support us through making a donation on Theological Education Sunday. On behalf of everyone at Ming Hua, thank you for your past support, and for continuing to support us as generously as you can: every dollar you give goes towards our annual Budget and makes it possible for us to continue to support the Anglican Church in Hong Kong and Macau.

Please also come and visit us at the College and consider studying one of our programmes. We really do have something for everyone!

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香港聖公會明華神學院 香港聖公會在香港及澳門設立的神學院, 矢志推動普及神學教育。 The Theological College of HKSKH works for the training & education of all members of God’s Church in HK & Macau.

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