Studying at Ming Hua: An Oasis in Central 中環綠洲: 在明華的學習生活

MTh student Andrea Kan shares her experience of being a student at the College

Why study at Ming Hua? What is the attraction? What has kept me motivated?

These questions can be answered from three perspectives. We all know life in Hong Kong can be hard and pressurised, and the pace of daily life is fast. If you can imagine lunchtime in Central, you can get a strong sense of this claustrophobic environment. 

However, each time I set foot into Ming Hua, it is like a sudden release of tension, as if I have entered into a different world; it feels quiet and peaceful, a place which I call a sanctuary and an oasis in the heart of Central. It allows time and space for quiet contemplation and reflection. 

This is especially true about the chapel. If you happen to work in Central, I strongly encourage you to join the Lunchtime prayer ministry; then you can really feel a sense of what I am talking about. Other than the chapel, there are also various resources that you can utilise outside of class, such as the library, or enrich yourself by attending the myriad of lectures on offer. Therefore, studying is not limited to only class-time. 

The College Chapel

By now, you may have spoken to a lot of people in different roles within the college. What did you notice? Even though Ming Hua is Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui’s theological college, you are not required to be Anglican to attend the college. Ming Hua is not biased towards any denomination or religion, therefore people of any religion are encouraged to study theology.  

In reality, we come from many different backgrounds or what I term ‘different walks of life’, and the core of this study experience comes from talking and sharing with each other. 

Also, the Faculty of Ming Hua, including the principal, priests and various lecturers, are always open, and willing to help and listen.  Many people often claim their English level is low and they worry they will not understand the lectures; but with an open mind and confident attitude, they will realise that their English ability is not really a hindrance after all.  

Other than the Faculty, there are also the students, including the postulants, who can offer a lot of support, and are willing to listen and pray for and with you.  

Therefore, Ming Hua is not only a college but rather a community. There is also the Student Society, which organises different activities throughout the year to reach out and allow everyone to assimilate into the community.  

Chinese New Year gathering by the Student Society

You may also question why you should study theology, especially if you do not plan to enter into ordained ministry. Of course, any studying has its academic angle; however the difference in studying theology is the application it has to daily life. 

No matter whether this is about being in your job, or serving within the Church or from the perspective of your faith; theology plays a role and how you apply it is all inter-related.  

You may also ask yourselves: what is most important in my life or what are my priorities and is my current lifestyle providing me with the most happiness? How do I further enrich myself? 

These are questions that you may not spend much time pondering, but studying theology will provoke these thoughts and provide you with answers.  

Therefore, if you have ever wondered about those issues, I strongly encourage you to study theology. We often hear about theory versus practice, but what does that mean? It means applying things we have learned to our everyday lives. So, you will notice a lot of courses offered at Ming Hua utilise this idea.

 So, why study at Ming Hua? The answer is simple. Three reasons: place, community and life application.

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香港聖公會明華神學院 香港聖公會在香港及澳門設立的神學院, 矢志推動普及神學教育。 The Theological College of HKSKH works for the training & education of all members of God’s Church in HK & Macau.

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