Welcome to Ming Hua’s New Postulant 歡迎聖職志願人

Ming Hua is delighted to welcome Adam Mok to the College this semester. Here Adam introduces himself.

My name is Adam Mok, and I am the newly accepted postulant of the Diocese of Hong Kong Island.

I’m from St John’s Cathedral, the mother church of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui, where I have been nurtured for years by its beautiful liturgical tradition and international openness. 

I have been serving the Cathedral community as a pastoral assistant for three years since I graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. To leave such a wonderful place was not an easy decision, but it was also clear that I should follow God’s calling to take further preparation for future ministry in my life. 

Therefore, with the blessing of the Archbishop, Dean Matthias, Cathedral clergy and the congregation, I’m excited to start this new journey. I’m sure with God’s grace, and the professional teaching of Ming Hua’s Faculty, as well as the help of the whole Church, my journey of theological training will be full of gains and joy.

I hope in years to come that I can find opportunities to share with you my vocation for ministry, which dates from my teenage years, and how God calls me to serve Him and His people throughout my life. Your prayers and friendship are needed on this path of my priestly formation.

God bless you.

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香港聖公會明華神學院 香港聖公會在香港及澳門設立的神學院, 矢志推動普及神學教育。 The Theological College of HKSKH works for the training & education of all members of God’s Church in HK & Macau.

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