Why Study at Ming Hua? 為何在明華讀神學?

Postulant Scott Ellinger reflects on his time at the College.

From world-class Faculty to unparalleled opportunities, there are countless reasons to study at Ming Hua Theological College. 

The College, which is located in Central, nestled behind the historic Bishop’s House, provides theological programmes for both seminarians and lay students, whether they wish to pursue a Bachelor’s, a Master’s or even a Doctorate. 

With its strong emphasis on preparing postulants for ordination and lay people for leadership positions, the College meets the needs of students on multiple levels as it develops them for their future within the Anglican Communion. 

One of the greatest benefits of studying at Ming Hua is students are part of a small college with big ideas. As a result, while class sizes are small due to the College’s high Faculty to student ratio, they have many opportunities that they may not encounter at larger institutions.

Faculty are accessible both in and outside of class, while through Ming Hua’s collaboration with other universities and partners, students are given an international picture of theological studies. 

Two experiences that particularly stand out for me are meeting the Pope during a Ming Hua study trip to Rome, and spending a day escorting the Archbishop of Canterbury around during the Anglican Consultative Council’s meeting in Hong Kong earlier this year. 

The College also has a diverse, successful, and influential alumni base that is extremely caring, helpful and generous to current students and graduates.

If I were to take a time machine back to when I was making my decision about where to study for my theological training, I would have no hesitation in choosing Ming Hua again.

I have been so impressed with Ming Hua that it is the only place I will consider now that I have decided to continue my studies to PhD level. 

I have met some of the smartest and most aspirational people I have ever encountered here. 

Being part of this Theological College is not only a fulfilling experience, but it also gives each student a solid foundation on which to contribute to the Anglican Church.

I can honestly say coming from Taiwan to study at Ming Hua and being part of the Ming Hua family has been, and still is, one of the most cherished and wonderful experiences of my life.

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香港聖公會明華神學院 香港聖公會在香港及澳門設立的神學院, 矢志推動普及神學教育。 The Theological College of HKSKH works for the training & education of all members of God’s Church in HK & Macau.

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