Meet the Faculty: The Reverend Professor Philip Wickeri 見.識教授:魏克利牧師


Faculty member The Reverend Professor Philip Wickeri tells how a trip to Taiwan shaped his career.

The Reverend Professor Philip Wickeri is surrounded by books in his office, but one volume stands out for him.

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Theological Education Sunday 神學教育主日

theological sunday 2018_v6



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Moms in Prayer 國際媽媽禱告網



Irene 一步入明華的校園便嘖嘖稱奇。

三月初,陽光燦爛的一天,我們迎來「國際媽媽禱告網」(Moms in Prayer,下稱 MIP ) 的香港區聯絡人 Irene,探索明華如何和MIP合作,以禱告守望香港的下一代及中環的社區。 Continue reading Moms in Prayer 國際媽媽禱告網

Tradition and Context: Friends or Enemies?


The Revd Prof John Kater explores the relationship between tradition and context in Anglicanism.

I grew up in Virginia, the oldest British colony in North America, where the Church of England was the established church for almost two centuries. I attended theological college and was ordained in the Diocese of New York, which was the other centre of the Anglican presence in North America. And I attended a seminary that prided itself on teaching Americans how to be Anglicans. It drilled into us the idea that there was an Anglican way to do everything: how to perform a baptism, how to celebrate the Eucharist, how to conduct a funeral. When I graduated from seminary, I knew I might not know how to do everything a priest is called upon to do, but I knew what an Anglican was!

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