How Scribes Invented the Biblical Priest-King 新書介紹

Revd Dr Jim West reviews Melchizedek, King of Sodom by Robert R. Cargill

The topic of Robert Cargill’s third book is King Melchizedek and whether he ruled over Shalem or Sodom.

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How the Bible is Written 新書推介

Revd Dr Jim West reviews How the Bible is Written by Gary A. Rendsburg

People typically approach the Bible for its moral teaching and theological insights, but it is also a rich literary text.

While there are lots of books on what the Bible says, How the Bible Is Written is a book about how the Bible says it.

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Reformation Prayers


Reformation of Prayerbooks: The Humanist Transformation of Early Modern Piety in Germany and England

Author: Chaoluan Kao
Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
By Dr Jim West, Lecturer in Biblical Studies and Reformation Studies at Ming Hua

In this book Chaoluan Kao looks at popular piety at the time of the European Reformations through the study of 16th and 17th century Protestant prayer books. Continue reading Reformation Prayers