Student Retreat 退修營感言

明華在 9 月 20-21 日假梅窩衛理園舉辦了兩天一夜的靜修營,兩位同學筆錄了所思所想。

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Back to College Party 開學聚會

Ming Hua’s Student Society hosted a ‘Back to College Party’ on September 27 to celebrate the start of the new semester.
We used the occasion to introduce the Student Society to both new and existing students, with the postulants joining us to share their experiences of college life and studying at Ming Hua.
Some of our gifted students shared their wonderful cooking skills with us through preparing food for us to enjoy at the party.
We had a wonderful and joyful night building fellowship at our College.

明華學生會於 2019 年 9 月 27 日星期五晚舉行了本學年的新學期開學聚會派對,其中有學生會簡介、新舊學生與聖職志願人分享在學院裡的學習及生活體驗,也有同學大展廚藝,為參與者準備了豐富食物,大家共渡了充滿恩典喜樂的團契晚上!

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Ming Hua Students Win Prestigious Award 明華學生獲獎

Congratulations to Ming Hua students Caroline Wong and Maidi Lam for being included in Charles Sturt University’s prestigious Executive Dean’s List.

The award is made to students of the University in recognition of outstanding academic achievement.

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Studying at Ming Hua: An Oasis in Central 中環綠洲: 在明華的學習生活

MTh student Andrea Kan shares her experience of being a student at the College

Why study at Ming Hua? What is the attraction? What has kept me motivated?

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Behind the Scene 影片製作花絮

Check out the making of the video series “Theology: Dialogues to Understand God”
重溫「神學: 從對話認識上帝」訪問系列製作花絮

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To review the video series 重溫短片,
Theology: a dialogue between faith and context 神學: 信仰與處境對話
Theology: HIS story 神學: 上帝的蹤跡
Theology: The Voice of God 神學: 上帝的聲音
Theology in Practice 神學踐行
Theology: Everyday Life 神學日常