20th Anniversary Congratulations 恭賀教省成立二十週年

HKSKH 20th Anniversary (Eng)_180329102301

Ming Hua congratulates HKSKH on the 20th anniversary of its establishment as a Province.

On Saturday October 6, the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui celebrates its 20th anniversary, the culmination of several months of events commemorating our Church’s establishment in 1998 as the 38th Province of the Anglican Communion.

Ming Hua congratulates The Most Revd Dr Paul Kwong, Archbishop of Hong Kong, The Right Revd Andrew Chan and The Right Revd Dr Timothy Kwok, as well as The Most Revd Dr Peter Kong-kit Kwong, Archbishop Emeritus, and Bishops Emeritus The Rt Revd Dr Thomas Soo and The Rt Revd Louis Tsui on this wonderful achievement and this tremendous witness to the Christian faith in our city.

More than that, everyone at Ming Hua – students, Faculty, and staff – would like to thank our whole Church for supporting the College, participating in lectures and classes, and being part of a wide and deep family of faithful learning. We are so proud to be an important part of the Province, contributing to the training of priests and the teaching of lay members of the Church.

Our Church’s mission, and our people’s thoughtful faith and practice, is a fine and continuing witness to Christianity in our part of China. We join with every priest, and every member of our Body of Christ, in humbly celebrating the opportunities we have all been given to join, and to lead, our Anglican Communion. Long may these celebrations be remembered, and longer still may our mission bring faith, hope and love to the many peoples of Hong Kong and Macau.

Professor Gareth Jones,

Principal of Ming Hua Theological College


Study Trip: Saint Paul’s Mission to Greece 下一站: 聖保羅希臘行蹤


Ming Hua’s next study trip will explore Saint Paul’s journey to Greece.

Saint Paul made two journeys that defined Christianity’s growth into a worldwide Church: Rome, the political heart of the empire; and Athens and Corinth, key intellectual centres. Greece was arguably the more important of the two.

Our study trip will provide a deep experience to help understand the key features of Paul’s mission, the complex religious and philosophical environment in which he found himself, and the relevant passages of The Acts of the Apostles and Letters to the Corinthians.

Through a series of visits to key sites, such as the Areopagus, Corinth, the markets and temples of Athens, including the Parthenon on the Acropolis, as well as lectures on site and in our hotel, and Bible studies, members of the trip will enjoy the best possible encounter with a world that changed Paul, and us, forever.


  • Saturday: Brief afternoon walking tour; group dinner; introductory talk;
  • Sunday: Morning Eucharist; Acropolis visit; evening Bible study: Acts 17;
  • Monday: Visit to Areopagus and associated sites, guided tour and on site lecture;
  • Tuesday: Morning prayer then lecture on Paul and the development of the ellenistic Church; visit to other temples and markets; evening Bible study: the Letters to the Corinthians;
  • Wednesday: Full day visit (by coach) to archaeological site of Ancient Corinth, including a guided tour and on site lecture;
  • Thursday: Morning prayer and Bible study: Corinth and Acts revisited; afternoon, second visit to Areopagus;
  • Friday: Full day visit to Greek island; evening, Compline and study trip close;
  • Saturday: Morning shopping then to airport for return to Hong Kong.


Further details

– Lectures will be 40 to 50 minutes plus questions;
– Bible studies will be 75 to 90 minutes including open discussion;
– Site visits will involve moderate walking, so please bring good shoes;
– The Greek island visit is optional but recommended!

Date: March 29 to April 7
Cost: To be confirmed

For further details please email Yasti Cheng at yasticheng@gmail.com

Behind the Scene 影片製作花絮

Check out the making of the video series “Theology: Dialogues to Understand God”
重溫「神學: 從對話認識上帝」訪問系列製作花絮

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To review the video series 重溫短片,
Theology: a dialogue between faith and context 神學: 信仰與處境對話
Theology: HIS story 神學: 上帝的蹤跡
Theology: The Voice of God 神學: 上帝的聲音
Theology in Practice 神學踐行
Theology: Everyday Life 神學日常

Design Concept — Stained Glass 設計背後──彩繪玻璃

最近大家也會不時在社交媒體、教堂,又或其他意想不到的地方,瞥見明華神學院的課程推廣及介紹。由介紹課程到提醒大家報名等,即使僅僅「瞥見」,未有機會細看也好,你總知道那是「明華」或「明華的課程」,不大會認錯……原因是那無出其右的「仿彩繪玻璃」圖案。 Continue reading Design Concept — Stained Glass 設計背後──彩繪玻璃

Theology in Practice – Community Care 在地神學-社區關懷


Caroline 是明華神學院的學生,也是學院的「使命總監」 (Mission Director)。看似雙重身份 ,但在 Caroline 而言卻是順理成章,從不含糊。

Continue reading Theology in Practice – Community Care 在地神學-社區關懷